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hmm, this is my first personal post on this new blog that i have re-made! well, in the words of Ill Mind of Hopsin 8, “if you don’t get rid of the wrong friends, you will never meet the right friends.” I feel like i’ve finally figured out my friendships, and i’ve met new people, and i went on a date with a guy that i’ve been talking to every day, and we have another date planned next weekend, i just feel like my life is good. I finally did what I wanted and now I’m happy! I like my friends and I like this boy and I like my life. Maybe that’s why I re-made my two blogs, because now I can get back into the swing of things, but I just know of the ones who brought me down are continuing to bring themselves down while i’m finally happy without them. :D this has been, words from CJ, on the first personal-post of this blog ;)

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